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This week, we wrap up our stories behind the Battle of the Apps Finalists, so you can get a feel for who is behind innovative solutions in the Marketplace.The Battle of the Apps Finalists have put in a lot of work to help make your experience with Infusionsoft even better. Learn more about what apps made it to the finals in our blog post here.

Meet Jeremy Bowman who is co-founder and CEO of eyefire, which produces product titled HipDash. He’s married, has six children and lives in Chandler, AZ in a house built on an ancient American Indian village. I’m told he could start a museum with all the artifacts he’s found on his property. He played college baseball and loves fly-fishing and hiking. He is joined by co-founder and CMO, Woods Davis. He is married with two children and calls Gilbert, AZ home. Woods loves basketball and reliving the glory days on the court whenever he can. His Both of them have worked together for the past seven years and built a national built a multimillion dollar national real estate services company.

(If I don’t mind me embellishing, I’d like to mention that HipDash as our second Battle of the Apps Finalist based in the Phoenix metro area. Look out, Silicon Valley!)

Woods and Jeremy had created HipDash 18 months ago to solve a need that many growing small businesses – managing their business metrics and seeing it day-to-day. Starting out as an Infusionsoft user themselves, they experienced the sheer power of Infusionsoft. With great power comes great responsibility. They had a need that many other small businesses have: they wanted to know how the business is performing. More importantly, is it performing at plan? If not, why? If so, why? They created HipDash, a powerful analytics and business dashboard, to solve for these questions. Woods tells me that without Infusionsoft, the business wouldn’t be where it is today.

Discovering Infusionsoft

In 2008, one of their business’ affiliates, Michael Reese, co-founder of the NAEA, recommended Woods and Jeremy look into Infusionsoft. They followed his advice and implemented literally every aspect of Infusionsoft into their business. Their processes are all singlehandedly operated from within Infusionsoft – from marketing, billing, fulfillment and more.

In a nutshell, they used the Infusionsoft, discovered and maximized its capabilities and share a united goal in helping small businesses accomplish their goals.

Customer Demand

Woods and Jeremy created HipDash based on proven customer need. They conducted multiple interviews with Infusionsoft users and Certified Partners. Going after their target user, they attended the Infusionsoft Elite Forum, PartnerCon and even inviting customers to their offices to test their software. They found that even successful small businesses need guidance into tracking their metrics.

They love hearing the excitement for their app from users. By focusing on simplicity, it’s easy for others not realize its potential, “This is so much better than what I expected,” remarked a user after they utilized the deeper analytical capabilities of HipDash.

Love of Small Business

Jeremy shares his love of small business with this quote, “Because out of small things great things are brought to pass.” Perhaps it’s not so much the destination of owning a small business, but rather, the journey, lessons and successes along the way.

He also shares the Infusionsoft culture including our core values, our mission and vision. Our purpose is to help small businesses succeed – a purpose that you could say we share proudly.

More about HipDash

HipDashHipDash is the first smart dashboard that displays in real-time what you need to know and act on within your business. It helps small businesses figure out how to increase revenue, eliminate unnecessary costs and ultimately, make smarter decisions. Making decisions with confidence increases morale, “Since implementing HipDash, my confidence as a leader and manager has been off the charts,” said a delighted customer.

With HipDash all your business metrics are packaged into one place. It intuitively allows users to build a dashboard containing data points for previous month, record month, monthly average and current target metrics into a single indicator. It visualizes your conversion funnels, displays lead sources and flexibly enables users to mix and match data points to arrive at the right metrics for their business.

Oh, and Woods tells me that the app is responsive, so it will work comfortably on your mobile phones and tablets.

For $97 per month, users can dive deep into their Infusionsoft data and track their performance metrics.

Customer Response

Recently debuting on the Marketplace, HipDash has already attracted a few five-star reviews from customers. Their in-depth customer research has paid off and they have plenty of customers and are ready for more to use their app. By working closely with Certified Consultants early on, they anticipated a number of customer needs and have packaged it to meet their demands.

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What’s Next?

I asked Woods to share what’s on the horizon with HipDash. He said they are planning to expand their existing QuickBooks integration and will be compatible with even more secure file sharing apps like Dropbox. Similarly, they plan to follow the trends and data integration needs of their users.

If you’re interested in HipDash, find HipDash on the Marketplace.

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